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CFM56-7 series
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It’s about customer relationships. Co-Operative Industries believes in developing solid customer relationships in an effort to satisfy the company’s goal of meeting customer requirements. This commitment results in a manufacturing approach that allows for on-time delivery of affordable, quality products. Our facility is uniquely suited for, and highly focused on, the production of electrical wiring harnesses for engine, airframe, landing gear, and aircraft systems. Off-aircraft products include ground support and test equipment.

Military Programs:

  • F-35 Fuselage and Wing Harnesses
  • F-22 Airframe Harnesses
  • F-16 Communication Harnesses
  • Wiring Harness modifications, Assemblies, and Kits for the F-16 and F-35 aircraft
  • Test Equipment Interconnects for the F-15
  • C-130 / T56 Engine & QEC Harnesses, Ignition Leads
  • T700 Ignition Leads
  • J85 Electrical Cable Assemblies & J-Boxes

Commercial Programs:

  • Boeing Test Equipment Harnesses, Control panels, Flexible Conduits, and Fluid Transfer Products
  • CF6-80 PMC Wiring Harnesses
  • DC9 Landing Gear Harnesses
  • Bell 407 Camera System Harnesses
  • Computerized Wiring Harness Testers

Current Customer Sampling:

  • ACT
  • Boeing
  • Celestica
  • DoD / DSCR
  • Lockheed Martin
  • P&W
  • Raytheon
  • Tinker AFB